Assessments by the Paul Sérusier Committee

Procedure for submission of works to be considered for inclusion in the Catalog Raisonné by the Paul Sérusier Committee

The Paul Sérusier Committee meets four times per year: three times in Paris and a summer meeting in Brittany.


The next meeting of the Comité Paul Sérusier will be held at 14H30 on Wednesday July 17, 2024 in Vannes (Brittany) at the Galerie Doyen, 4 rue de la Bienfaisance, 56000 Vannes 06 07 73 20 82

Works to be considered must be delivered to this address on the afternoon before (between 15h and 18h) or the morning of the committee meeting (9h30-11h30) and retrieved that same afternoon before 5:00.  If works are left for over 48 hours, a storage fee of 180 Euros will be charged to the owners.  Delivery, recuperation and insurance of the works are the responsibility of the owners or their delegates. Works are covered for insurance purposes while in storage for less than 48 hours. The committee cannot be held responsible for any damage caused if the frame needs to be removed in the course of examining the work.

The committee’s conclusions are reached by vote, with positive decisions noted on the back of a photograph accompanying the work.  This will be sent to the owner once the honorarium has been paid.

  1. Paintings: six hundred euros (600 €)
  2. Watercolors, gouaches, pastels: three hundred Euros (300 €)
  3. Drawings: one hundred and fifty Euros (150 €)

TVA does not apply

.  Each object for examination must be accompanied by

  1. Two 8 x 10 inch (or A4 : 21 x 29,7 cm) photographs either in black and white, or in color for the notation of acceptance by the committee.
  2. A good electronic image for inclusion in the catalog raisonné’s website (medium resolution). All documents related to provenance, condition, the history and iconography of the work would be welcome.

.    If the work is accepted for the catalogue by the committee, a bill will be sent to the work’s owner and once it has been paid, the certificate of acceptance will be sent.


Except for works belonging to public collections, each work reproduced on the website has a stamp and statement of acceptance noted on the back of the photograph returned to the owner. This document must accompany the work if it changes owners. No duplicate certificates will be provided.



The members of the Paul Sérusier Committee are:

President : Caroline Boyle-Turner, Art historian

Vice President : René le Bihan, Curator emeritus

Secretary : Yannick Doyen, Art dealer

Assistant Secretary : Jean Yves Rolland, Art dealer

Treasurer : Catherine Puget, Curator emeritus